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IxD12 SDC: Inside the News

February 10, 2012 - no comments. Posted by in CMU IxD.

Notes from a talk given by Martin Colebourne from Thomson Reuters (also the sponsor of the design challenge) on a model of how the news works in his company as well as some of the challenges faced by the industry today. Very interesting stuff! For example, I didn’t know pigeons were once used to carry stock prices :)

IxD12 SDC: Design Pitch Development Notes

February 6, 2012 - no comments. Posted by in CMU IxD.

Notes from the Interaction 12 Student Design Challenge as well as a shot of the four finalists in action during the 2-day masterclass. It’s too bad that many of the ideas that I had did not make it into the brief 7-minute final pitch presented in front of the judges at the conference, but either way I know that thinking about these issues was a great exercise in trying to untangle or at least smooth out a corner of such a “wicked problem”.



The four finalists included myself, a student from Austin Center For Design, a student from National Design Institute of India and finally a student from Umea Institute of Design.

Photo credit: Steve Portigal

At the Interaction 12 Talks

February 4, 2012 - no comments. Posted by in CMU IxD.

Some sketch-like notes from Angel Anderson’s talk on “Why We Share”. Apparently it’s to either:

  • Brag (e.g. “I’m in Dublin! Look at me!”)
  • Complain (e.g. “Weather is so grey out in the UK…”)
  • Reach Out (e.g. akin to giving a virtual hug)



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