Lecture: Chris Pacione on Innovation

April 11, 2012 - no comments. Posted by in CMU IxD.

Chris Pacione, the director of the LUMA Institute, came to our seminar class last Monday to talk about innovation. Yes, the “i” word that everybody seems to be talking about nowadays. According to Chris, everybody in business seems to know they need it–they may even have Chief Innovation Officers (88% of them, in fact), but out of that 88%, 81% of them don’t know how to do it (innovate, that is). Chris goes on to say that it’s increasingly important to know how to innovate in order to stay competitive, which is why his company, LUMA offers classes and workshops that aim to teach human-centered design to individuals and organizations.

I quite enjoyed this talk, because I’m in the midst of writing and refining my thesis proposal on creativity. Perhaps it’s good timing that I’m doing this thesis now just as designers are in high demand in the tech industry, because ever since college I’d wanted to deeply investigate the topic of creativity, looking at how people create and collaborate on a daily basis. I’ll post excerpts from my thesis proposal once I get it approved and finalized. First draft’s in and it’s quite exciting getting to see it all unfold next year…

Notes from Chris’ talk below:

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