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Project Type: Animation, Interactive Process Book
Timeframe: 4 weeks (Fall 2011)
Individual Project using Illustrator, AfterEffects, InDesign

01. Project Brief

How do you take a complex topic and distill all the information surrounding it into a clear message, one that can be concisely conveyed through sound, images, and motion? That was the goal of this project for Graduate Design Studio I. We were each given a topic (many around sustainability) to explain using a brief video targeted towards the public—my topic being “design for disassembly”. In addition to explaining the topic, the video needed a strong call to action so that viewers would be inspired to reflect or take action.

The final deliverables for this project included the video and an interactive process book.


02. Research

I did not know much about design for disassembly, which meant I had to thoroughly research the topic before I could even try explaining it. One obstacle I encountered early on was I realized that much of the information on the topic was geared towards product designers, architects, business owners or otherwise very specialized types of people. After all, the topic had to do with how products were designed so that they could be easily taken apart for recycling, remanufacture or refurbishing. An example is avoiding the use of paints or glues which make some products unrecyclable or difficult to take apart. How could I make these ideas relevant for the average consumer?


In the end, I decided to relate the topic to the average consumer by using the video to pose the question: “What do you do with your stuff when you don’t want it anymore?” Though I provide some solutions such as recycling, reusing or bringing in items to a donation center, my main intent was to have the viewer reflect on their possessions.



03. Learning Animation

Animation was a learning experience, as I had never really used After Effects before. All in all, I ended up with just three days to learn the program and make the video. This blog post documents that learning experience. In the end, I saw this as an interesting challenge to see what I could create with a program that I was had to quickly learn.



04. Interactive Process Book

Instead of creating a traditional print process book, I wanted to try out InDesign’s interactive tools, so I made an interactive process book instead. The book is rendered as a Flash file and includes sound clips, video clips and slideshows.

View Interactive Process Book (opens in a separate window)

Note: File may take up to 2 minutes to load due to videos and sound.


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