Experience and the Examined Life

April 2, 2013 - no comments. Posted by in CMU IxD.

Aisling is teaching a class I’m taking about Design Fiction & Imaginary Futures (awesome class which addresses something I could get better at, which is thinking very long term into the future!). She gave a talk for the HCII Seminar Series and I found it quite relevant to my current thesis work as well, since it talks about reflecting on one’s own process and experiences.

Sharing Economies

January 22, 2013 - no comments. Posted by in CMU IxD.

Notes from the first class, taught by Cameron Tonkinwise. I didn’t end up taking this class due to a conflict, but still very interesting. Wish I had a body double so I could show up for both classes!



Dan Moyer’s Napkin Sketch Workbook

October 12, 2012 - no comments. Posted by in CMU IxD.

I’m taking a class this semester called Information + Interaction + Perception. It’s all about how to design information in a way that people will understand it and get your point. One of the readings we just did recently really resonated with me, mainly because it talks about and formalizes things I already love to do, which is to visualize information. As you can see from my notes, I try to “sketch note” a lot of the notes I take for class, as a way to remember the information better (and admittedly, to keep myself up and doing something on days when I’m tired). I won’t claim to be one of those fantastic people who can do sketch notes really well though. Anyway, this reading we completed was from Dan Moyer’s book “Napkin Sketch Workbook”. The chapter we read deals with how to organize information visually using classic structures such as concept maps (a.k.a. web of connections), charts, graphs, hierarchies, etc. What was interesting for me was that I feel like I’ve utilized quite a bit of these structures already, but to read about it and have a formal name for them is helpful for understanding my own process.

Notes below! Some of it is a bit incomplete… I must have gotten distracted during class.



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